We have developped a web based interactive software package, which leads you step by step through the different techniques of Qualitative Content Analysis. The software is free available: You can support the further development of the software here.

An introduction into theory and procedures: Mayring, Ph. (2021). Qualitative Content Analysis. A Step-by-Step Guide. London: Sage.

A step-by-step handbook for QCAmap2020 is available open access:

Video Tutorials: QCAmap

Background information and brief Introduction to QCAmap (English Version)
Background information and brief Introduction to QCAmap (German Version)

QCAmap at CAQDAS Webinar Series

This one-hour wokshop was recorded in 2022 at University of Sussex, UK.

QCAmap 2020

Detailed information about all new features can be found here.

Here a series of Power Point slides : QCAmap2020Intro.pdf

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