QCAmap 2020

In our best efforts to provide an excellent service to all of our users, we have spent the last two years working on developing an updated and improved Version of QCAmap. Our new version, QCAmap 2020, will include several features that will improve your Text-Analysis experience. What is new?

Accelerated Working Speed

The download of projects with large or many text or picture documents with assigned categories is faster.

Upload of Microsoft Word Documents

Texts in Microsoft Word format can be uploaded directly. The program converts them automatically.

Redesign of Summarizing

The content analytical technique of summarizing is now clearer organized in its steps of generalization and reduction. An output file displays the whole system (analysis button).

Variable Document Order

You can change the order of uploaded documents by drag and drop.

Refined Picture Analysis

Codes can be assigned to specific details of pictures.

Simplified Merging of Inductive Categories

When merging categories all corresponding text passages are automatically assigned to the new category.

Separated Intra- and Intercoder Agreement

Seperate workflow procedures for inter- and intracoder agreement are now possible.

Different Permissions in Shared Projects

You can assign different rights (read only or edit) to team members or other persons with which you share your project.