QIA Workshop Velden

The annual workshop Qualitative Content Analysis takes place every year in Velden at Lake Woerthersee.

The upcoming QIA workshop 2024 takes place from 7. to 9. June.

The workshop gives people, interested in methods, the opportunity to discuss Qualitative Content Analysis and other related methods. Methodical and technical aspects of Qualitative Content Analysis will be discussed as well as the different fields of work. This opportunity offers you an interesting and interdisciplinary exchange. Also the combination of qualitative and quantitative steps of analysis is going to be a topic. The methodical guidance from the organizer will be provided within the plenum. 

Like in the last years, there will be the opportunity to discuss general questions and receive guidance for your own reserach projects. Furthermore there will be practical work in small groups where you work on the given material. This offers an active examination with the Qualitative Content Analysis. 

The Workshop of Qualitative Content Analysis takes place in Cap Wörth, Velden. The Workshop, the accommodation and the dining room are all situated in one location. It allows us an exchange of experiance from early morning untill bedtime. As a special event we are goining to have a boat trip to Pörtschach at one of the evenings, to spend a jovial evening.